Congrats, Neal!

I must take a moment to congratulate Neal, who has blown by me in the number of blog posts he has made. I started this blog 13 months ago, and Neal only started just over 9 months ago and he’s already got 164 published entries compared to my 163.

I don’t anticipate him catching up to me in comments though. I’m about 70% higher. Bwa-ha-ha-haaa!!

Good work Neal! You’re a faithful poster. Now I’m curious to know how many entries Kevin has on his personal blog.

11 thoughts on “Congrats, Neal!

  1. 721 entries. 639 comments. And that’s with less than half the archives. Now who gets to go “bwa-ha-ha-haaa!!”? I’m dorkier than both of you put together!

  2. Well, with entries, yeah. You’ve been blogging for years though. Approximately 42 months if we’re only counting from February 2001, since the entries before that in your archives don’t appear to be complete. So… that would be an average of 17.2 entries per month in that time span, compared to my 12.5 and Neal’s 18.2. So I think you and he are pretty close in average pace, assuming your archives are complete after February 2001. (Which may not be a solid assumption on my part.)

    I’ve got about 1070 comments. 🙂

  3. Oh! But I haven’t really followed my own logic. D’oh! I have to take time into account for comments too.

    You’ve really only been using a comments-capable system since Oct. 8th of last year, so that’s about 9 months. So I’ve gotten 82.3 comments per month, you’ve gotten 71, and Neal has gotten 70.1.

    OK, now I can stop. I just had to be consistent.

  4. Comment inflater! 3 of the soon to be 6 comments on this post are from you! No wonder you have more comments.

    And if you count entries across all my blogs, I think I’d school both you and Neal. MonkeyOuttaNowhere alone has 70-some entries, and I only started posting for real on it last month. And on my thoughts I haven’t gotten to the 1998-1999 archives yet, which is when I was really a heavy blogger.

    I shall have my comeupance!

  5. Well, if we’re counting multiple blogs, then yes you are the blog master. And I count my own comments. I think that’s only fair. If I want to respond to my readers and spend my time, then I’ve worked harder for the comments crown, haven’t I? It’s the same with entries. I could out-entry either of you if I sat here all day making entries, but I don’t. The comments are the best part of blogging, so I spend as much time there as I do making entries.

    Plus, I’m not what some would call a “comments whore” in that I don’t post nonsensical crap just to bump my number up. I actually say germane stuff. Plus, the numbers you and Neal have for comments also include each of your own comments, so it’s still even. Ha!

    As soon as you have your archives finished, you can retort on your blog, and I shall consider myself schooled.

  6. My wife, just like Sam the Eagle! She could have just as well asked if this conversation had any socially redeeming value. 🙂

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