Ringin’ and Blingin’

(I also debated calling this entry “Can you read me now?”)

Steph and I went out on Saturday the 3rd and got cellphones. We debated for awhile about which carrier we preferred, but in the end the slightly more expensive carrier with the stronger signal prevailed, and that was Verizon Wireless. I took a long, serious look at T-Mobile, but not even their kick-butt selection of phones could overcome their Zeta-Jones policy. Oh, and I’m not too certain of their signal strength, and more of my friends have Verizon, which means that I can get in-network rates, blah blah blah.

Verizon was having a serious sale on their Samsung SCH-a670 phones, and we couldn’t pass it up. These things are awesome! Beautiful, bright color screens (one inside, one outside). A built-in camera. Polyphonic ringtone capabilities. It’s great. I’ve always wanted to have a low-quality camera with me at all times so I could snap a shot of anything without having to remember to bring my camera, and now I’ve got just that. Steph and I were hiking today and came across a strange deserted encampment in the woods, so I snapped this with the cell-phone’s camera. The image quality isn’t that great, but what do you expect? The lens is about 6mm across in its entirety! I love the fact that I can take a picture of someone, and set it up so that their face shows on the outside screen when they call me. Talk about caller ID! I’ve been going up to all my friends and holding up my phone, “OK, I need to get a shot of you, hold on…”

Everyone we know out here, when they heard we just got cell phones, raised their eyebrows and said, “You mean you didn’t have them already?” I’m starting to get a very strong sense that this isn’t just a communication tool. It’s a culture. It’s part of the Universe of Bling that all the kids are so crazy about. Look at this cell phone ringtone site we had highly recommended to us when we mentioned that we wanted to get better rings for our phones. Please pardon the animated ad on that page, but it truly ads to the atmosphere, doesn’t it? Look at how blingy that young man in the center graphic is. He’s got the ring, the necklace, the lip stud, the dye-job, and the cell phone. It’s all a part of the picture.

So when Steph and I were searching for ringtones this afternoon, I guess I wasn’t surprised that the kids weren’t digging Billy Joel these days. Or even much of U2, although I had better luck there. I think the webpage would have actually eaten me alive if I had tried to search for Peter Gabriel. As it stands, I really love the ringtone I ended up downloading. I’ve also got a special one for Camille, who shares my love of The Darkness, and of course I could hardly stop myself from giving Stephanie “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye. Yeah baby. Let the bling begin.

Oh, and you can call me when I’m out of the house, too.

5 thoughts on “Ringin’ and Blingin’

  1. Nope. Verizon doesn’t currently have a Bluetooth-capable phone. Thus the props to T-Mobile (since they have three or four). Verizon is getting their first BT phone next month, but I was getting my phone now, so I wasn’t able to snag that. Plus, I’m feeling like I’ve already got plenty of features, and syncing doesn’t necessarily need to be one of them.


    Did I just say that? Yeah, frankly I’ve got so many people in my address book that I think I want my phone to have a whittled-down subset of those folks so I have fewer to click through to find the one I want. Plus, my iPod already has everything on it, and I’ve always got that with me.

    OK, that’s more info than you needed. 🙂

  2. How could you pass up the T-Mobile Sidekick?!!!!1 It actually surfs the real web (not that crappy dumbed down versions of most phones) and has built in AIM. Color screen, thumb keyboard, a SSH terminal, email client, and an SDK. And you call yourself a geek…

  3. My phone’s pretty old so I have to ask: have they come up with a way to let you organize your phonebook other than alphabetically by name? Adding spurious characters to the beginnings of people’s names to push them closer to the start or end of the list is tedious.

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