3 thoughts on “Have a Go?

  1. Hehe, yeah, I’d give it a go. Good thing to tell stories about, after all. That’s hilarious though. I’ve even been to the Tate gallery, so I can imagine it all. What will those crazy artists come up with next?

  2. Ha ha! Get it? Neal would “give it a go.” Hee hee. Get it? Give it a go…he’d go…ha ha…forget it.

    I think it would be funny to go up to it and be staring right where the person is peeing. You’d have to go inside and figure out the perfect place to stand and all. Then, when people went in you could stand just outside of it and “stare” at them. Except you wouldn’t be staring because you couldn’t actually see them. But, they would think you were staring because they would see you. And every now and then you could make faces like “Ewwwwwwwwwwww!” and sometimes point and laugh. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

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