Public Humiliation

I don’t know what this guy is thinking, but in a way, I respect him. Maybe the guys who work on Internet Explorer have, within the last 24 hours, wised up to the fact that their browser might blow chunks. Either way they’re taking a cue from Dave Hyatt’s Safari blog (and others) and making their own blog for IE, namely IEBlog, which is hosted on Microsoft’s own servers. It’s official and everything.

The idea, as Scott Stearns, the Test Manager of IE (what does this guy do?) puts it, is this:

We’ve heard loud and clear that many people want a better connection with the IE Team. We’re happy to do something about it.

Our goal in this blog is to be a good place, direct from the source, for information about IE. What are we working on? How do we make decisions? Why does some part of IE work the way it does? What keeps us up late at night? What are we thinking of around security, extensibility, and other key areas? Hey, any good tips and tricks?

But when he posts a rather-loaded entry called I Love This Browser!, he tempts fate a little too much, and gets dozens of comments like this from random strangers who know IE quite well:

As a web developer, I’m doing everything in my power to get people to switch away from Internet Explorer. This is because, when developing websites, I author to standards, it takes a few minutes to tweak things to get everything perfect in browsers like Firefox and Safari, and then ages to work around all of Internet Explorer’s bugs and shortcomings…

PNG is almost eight years old and Microsoft promised PNG support for Internet Explorer 4.0. Given that Microsoft are the world’s biggest software company, it looks very much like standards are deliberately being sabotaged. Is it any wonder web developers are starting to get royally pissed off with Microsoft?

Man, this is gonna be so fun.

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