I stayed up past 2am last night reading about how I’m going to do some stuff I wanted to have done before noon today, and due to a brief trip to Fry’s Electronics, it’s looking like the changes I’ll try to make today are going to be made after noon rather than before it. So please hang in there if you’re coming around here expecting to see some big change, or see the “orange” thing that everyone keeps buzzing about. I’ll probably be picking this blog apart piece by piece this afternoon, and it’s going to be a horrible mess. But I know you’ll be patient, and also use the comments on this entry to laugh at how strange it looks when it’s in mid-change.

Thanks. I know I can count on you guys.

2 thoughts on “Delays

  1. So I realized that it’s probably better etiquette to get it to mostly work before you post it. Speaking as a web designer, the last thing I want someone to think when they see my new design for the first time is, “That looks like a pile of crap!” so I’m going to try a few things offline before trying to actually post it.

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