Dual Screens == 2x Fun!

As Steph already said when she stole my thunder, I’m really looking to get one of these babies if they come out in time for Christmas. It’s looking like the Nintendo DS will come out in mid-November in America, or at least that’s the way the wind is blowing. No one knows for sure yet.

The DS looks like a handheld party with all the geeky drool factor you could ever ask for. Its primary feature is its dual screens (which is where the “DS” comes from) which open up interesting new possibilities for game design, creating new ways for the gamer to see and interact with the game. It’s got built-in Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly connect to other DS owners within a few meters of where you’re standing and play games with them on the spot. It also has WiFi (802.11b, I think?), so it can get on the internet from any wireless hotspot (including the ones in my house and at my work) and play games that way too! Oh, and you can do text chat with it.

It’s got a microphone, so programmers can make games that use voice recognition. I’m assuming the mic will have uses far beyond that, too. It also has a stylus, so you can write on it, use the stylus in games if the game is made that way, and chat with handwriting and doodles over the ‘Net as well.

It has so many interesting features, and Nintendo has never released a system I didn’t like, so I think this one is going to be a big hit with me. I mean, imagine playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with a few other people live over the Net totally wirelessly from the couch in your living room. Or imagine playing Animal Crossing live over the ‘Net. (They haven’t announced that the Animal Crossing game the DS will have will actually have online play, but it seems so obvious to me…) And the graphics are going to be more high-powered than the Nintendo 64, but on two tiny screens in the palm of your hand. That’s pretty sweet. If you’d really like to drown in way too much Nintendo DS information, check out this article on TooCubed.com.

It’s sounding like they’ll cost about $175. I’m hoping that’s true. I’m going to be permanently carrying a towel with me starting in late October because I won’t be able to stop drooling.

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