What you wanted: July 2004

In my never-ending quest to stalk you, my reader, I’ve compiled a list of the things you were searching for when you came to my page from a search engine during the month of July (with a tip-o-the-hat to Mike Zornek for the idea, which I think he got elsewhere…).

These are the top 20. There were 699 others. You can see how many times people found my site using each, and it’s pretty obvious the list is top heavy.

#reqs  search query
-----: ---------------
144: cool band names
88: josh lewis
32: videlectrix
21: straight pride
11: Cool Band Names
11: "cool band names"
9: ANLDEGN scramble
8: pc load letter
8: rapper names
7: "I feel great" commercial
7: i feel great commercial
7: surreal music
6: nintendo pinata commercial
5: I feel great commercial
5: word scramble ANLDEGN
4: anime chick
4: "Mario Kart" Baby Park Record Video
4: cool blog names
4: ugly fish

Apparently people come here quite often either looking for cool band names or looking for me! You like me! You really like me! And yes, my entry about the Straight Pride flag is now the #6 result for “straight pride” on Google.

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