Nyah Nyah

I’ve used MT-Blacklist to block 1356 comment spams (so far) from my blog since I installed it. At the time of this posting, over 54% of the attempted comments on this blog have been spam, but they have all failed to slip through my defenses. My fortress stands against you, spammer! I shall crush your efforts like the dozens of Diet Pepsi cans I consume each month! Do your worst!

But MT-Blacklist is old news. I’ve already written about it. I’ve decided it’s not enough to simply block comment spammers silently. I want to mock them publicly as I’ve done in the past, while also mocking them more permanently. To that end I’ve included a little footer at the bottom of this page that keeps a live running total of the number of comment spams MT-Blacklist has blocked. That number will just grow and grow, and I will laugh and laugh.

Do you feel lucky, punks?

3 thoughts on “Nyah Nyah

  1. Your device doesn’t work. I got my comment posted and I had Spam for supper tonight. Really! No kidding. Four slices. I did. And here I am.

    I’m so proud of myself.


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