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I just can’t get enough of this stuff. So you may have heard that Real has figured out how to make music in their too-little-too-late music store work with the iPod (login required, sorry), and Apple wasn’t thrilled about the idea.

Real is calling the initiative Freedom Of Music Choice. They put up a petition, but it turns out people voiced their actual opinions of Real, and Real didn’t like that, so they made a new petition with comments turned off. Still, after wading through the comments on the first petition, I found this gem:

I thought I would[BUFFERING…10%] voice my opinion using[BUFFERING…12%]the messag[BUFFERING…40%]ing client built into REAL’s[BUFFERING…50%] [BUFFERING…60%]media center[BUFFERING…75%]I think REAL has some[BUFFERING…80%] of the [BUFFERING…82%] [BUFFERING…85%] [BUFFERING…90%] products ever[CONNECTION LOST… REAL_ERROR32XKernel]

To top it off, there’s a counter-petition online now that has far more signatures than Real’s crappy attempt at a grassroots movement. Man, I love geeks.

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