Chew the Rainbow

I haven’t posted in over two weeks. This post is a horrible way to come back, but it’s quick and easy, and it’s all I have time for.

I sometimes get excited about candy. I’ve got some kind of super-human sweet tooth, able to eat whole packages full of candy in a single sitting. So the other day I spotted a new confection in the vending machine and I had to try it. It was Skittles Bubble Gum Yeah, it’s a little odd. They look just like skittles (same size, same colors as the classic ones) but they say “gum” on them in the same white font you’ve come to recognize with the “S.” They even taste almost exactly like the Skittles you’ve probably had. But when you eat them, they don’t chew and dissolve, they just keep on chewing and chewing. It’s really odd. They share an Achilles Heel with most other gums by losing flavor quickly.

Try them out and let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Chew the Rainbow

  1. Kevin, Abby, and I had some tonight. It’s interesting, as they pretty much do taste like Skittles and even break up in the same way in your mouth. It takes a bit for it to become “gummy.” I rather liked them until the flavor died about as quickly as it does in those dratted gumballs you’re always buying from machines.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of the skittles gum. The texture and the taste were so similar to skittles that I had to concentrate on not swallowing them.

    There is a new candy bar that I think everyone should try. It’s called m-azing. It’s a chocolate bar with mini m&m’s in it. you can get peanut butter or crispy. I’m a big fan of the peanut butter.

  3. Your descriptions of the gum are definite proof that you really did try it, because they’re spot-on in every way. It does lose flavor too quickly, it does take a minute to “become” gum. And it really is hard to keep from swallowing it because you forget it’s not regular Skittles! Weird. It’s funny to me that people could all have such identical and complex reactions to the candy.

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