Whoa. The U2 iPod is drool-worthy no doubt, but it can’t touch the iPod Photo. Wow. Just…. just wow. I can’t imagine how cool it would be to carry hundreds of slideshows with you everywhere you go, and display them (with music, of course) anywhere someone has a TV. That would be so fun. Plus, an iPod with a color screen is an upgrade no matter how you look at it.

That right there is the ultimate geek toy.

Update: If you want to see the press conference in QuickTime, it’s right here.

6 thoughts on “Drooling

  1. I like the idea of the iPod Photo, but I’m not figuring what stuff I can e-bay to afford it, like I was with the iPod. And the U2 iPod is cool, but I like the classic white/silver look better than any other iPod out there – including the mini’s that come in colors.

  2. How come they didn’t include a camera attachment built into the iPod photo? Then it would be a definate must have. Think about it – your tunes, your pictures, and your camera all in one nice little package.

  3. Because Apple does only what Apple does best, and not one tiny bit more.

    Rephrased, we move into new markets very slowly, and only with great strength and low risk.

  4. “Rephrased, we move into new markets very slowly, and only with great strength and low risk.”

    Rephrased, you wait until everyone has bought the latest product. Wait 3 months, make it better and then make everyone buy the newest, latest product. 😉

  5. Actually, no. It’s suicide to delay good ideas if the market is ready for them and the price is right. Why not just trounce the competition that much more?

    In addition to my earlier assertion, I have to also add that an included camera would have probably increased the price of the iPod Photo that much more, and they probably didn’t feel like the end price was low enough. I’m completely positive they thought of it and rejected the idea for very concrete reasons.

    That’s not to say it’ll never happen, but that they decided against it for now very specifically.

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