5 thoughts on “Not Complaining

  1. October 12th was my fault. Sorry.

    Just kidding. I’ve got a 15″ PowerBook on the way. Unless you count the two weeks in 2002 that I used a 120MHz powermac because my athlon’s fans quit turning and it fried itself, this’ll be the first time I use a mac as my primary machine.

  2. So that was you! I was gonna call and ask… but…

    Dave, as predictable as it sounds coming from me, you’re totally going to love your PowerBook. Personally, I think the key to switching from another OS to the Mac OS is (at least initially) two things.

    1) Play with it a ton, and just poke around
    2) Know a Mac guru of whom you can ask questions

    That’s pretty much it. Still, I think you’ve used enough Macs in your time that you probably already know your way around quite well. So, enjoy! I’m interested in hearing how the first two weeks go. What strikes you as being different/cool, and what, if anything, is more difficult than it seems it should be.

  3. I know from past experience that I’ll have a little bit of difficulty adjusting to the fairly restrictive UI – the fact that things are the way they are and there’s not much I can do to change them. I’m used to using X on linux where I can use one of the hundreds of window managers to significantly alter my windowing environment if I choose to. The idea that windows behave the way they do, period, and that keyboard shortcuts are there or they aren’t, well, I’m a little nervous about that.

    But I’m sick of unreliable, heavy and ugly x86 laptops, and with the mighty power of virtual PC I can emulate all my test boxes thus making my office quieter and more spacious as I won’t need that rack of old PCs anymore. And I won’t have to use “iTunes for linux” anymore (which is actually a vnc window to my G4 400MHz powermac that’s resized to the top left corner of the iTunes window). Oh and suspend that actually works without prayers to various saints. And quicktime! Web plugins! Its been so long that I’ve had browser plugins that actually work all the time!

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