SkyWeb Express

After making some generally-disparaging remarks about cars in general (and my car more specifically) the other day, I laid out what I was looking for in my mode of transportation. I wanted something that follows my schedule rather than vice-versa, and something that didn’t make me sweat while using it. The only things that do that currently are cars (taxis included, I guess, but they’re way too expensive), and motorized bikes/mopeds/etc. Trains, monorails, and buses are on their own schedule, not mine.

Today I discovered an interesting idea called SkyWeb Express. Is this the answer I’m looking for? It seems to be better than other forms of public transportation in certain ways What do you all think?

2 thoughts on “SkyWeb Express

  1. I think it’s funny that the SkyWeb Express site hypes privacy as a real bonus: “The ride is private. You don’t share your trip with strangers, just with your family or friends.” Nothing like privatizing every public encounter. Frankly, one of the best parts about public transportation is the interesting (read: strange) people you meet.

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