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  1. I’ll be in heaven the day I can use this thing to jump on a WiFi hotspot and blog, Dave. that’ll be so frickin’ cool. It seems almost inevitable, but we’ll see. Then I just need a camera attachment… 🙂

    Neal, I’ll try to post a more full review soonish, but my first impressions are very positive. They certainly could’ve used hotter titles for Launch Day, but I’ve got Feel The Magic right now, and it’s really fun.

  2. I purchased one for a certain someone to gift at Christmastime. 😉 Any peripherals (headphones, car charger, screen protector, etc) that would be required?

    Comes with Metroid hunters, but I also got Mario 64 DS. Any games you own that are cool?

  3. BTW, are you ever on iChat anymore? As you can understand it’s been awhile. I just set my computer back up and would love to chat if you have time to hop on. “Away” for me simply means Im probably in the next room, so leave a message.

  4. Aimee! Glad to see you on the ol’ blog. I hope you’re enjoying it.

    I own “Feel the Magic XY/XX” which is a really strange Japanese game that I’m pretty sure Matt would like. It’s not as licentious as the cover makes it appear (at least not yet, I haven’t finished it), and I find it really takes advantage of the DS in every possible way (with the exception of wireless play, unfortunately). I’d give it an 8.5. It’s worth a shot. Matt can even play the entire game in Japanese if the desire so hits him. 🙂

    I’m not on iChat much, no. In general I get totally swamped whenever I go on. As soon as I click that icon in the dock, I can kiss a couple hours goodbye. And I just never have a couple hours to kiss goodbye, so I don’t go on. But I’m pretty sure you and Matt haven’t gone the way of Korean teens, and you still remember email, right? 🙂 Good.

  5. Koean teens. haha. you make me laugh.

    back on subject, I see that the ever popular Animal Crossing is coming to DS first quarter next year. 🙂

  6. Ah, Animal Crossing DS! I’m trying to finish up with the rest of my life by the time it comes out so I’ll have time to enjoy it. 😉

    I will want to hurt someone at Nintendo very badly if it doesn’t have really sweet multiplayer support. I mean, talk about a missed opportunity! I’m hoping that I won’t have to be in the proximity of the other person’s DS to play, either, but that it’ll be over the ‘Net. But that’s just me dreaming. Chances are Nintendo is still scared of non-proximity gaming.

  7. this is what IGN has to say:

    Animal Crossing DS
    – Doubutsu no Mori DS (JPN)

    A version/continuation of Nintendo’s popular life simulation on the new Nintendo handheld system. Features will include multiplayer support via the wireless connectivity, as well as a texture editor where players can doodle up their own designs using the touch-sensitive screen. The WiFi functionality of the system will let as many as four players play together, walking around in the same village. Players will be able to chat using the touch screen and show off their own rooms. The touch screen is also used for menu selection.

    AC DS Screenshots

  8. Thank you Aimee! Quite useful!

    It’s disappointing that I’ll apparently need to sit in the room with the other person to play with them. Again, Nintendo is getting half way there, but missing the bigger picture.

  9. Actually, it looks like this is more than sitting in the same room with another player. It does say it utilizes WiFi features. Probably in hot spots or over the base station. It is 902.11 after all.

    On a different note, have you played Donkey Konga? Why does Nintendo always come out with some cool new device that only ever gets utilized by 1 or 2 games? The bongos are all Matt can talk about, so of course I had to make a purchase- but remember a N64 game called Hey You Pikachu? It was the first and only game that came with a microphone and was used to tell Pikachu what to do. Kind of a boring game, but innovative all in the same. I mean, voice recognition in a console game! However, it was never used for any other games. In fact, looks like they’re at it again with Mario Party 6 and it’s in the box microphone.

    The NES powerpad, gun, and that glove were sweet, and could be used with a handful of games. Sure wish Nintendo would be more aware of device utilization like they used to. All the extra devices are great ideas, but a huge waste of money if they only work with 1 game.

    Any thoughts?

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