Mo’ Better Spam

Funny spam subject: “Fight against Dippressionn”

Is that when dips get sad?

From the email’s text: “gerund is tHx in contemporaneous of termini into callahan showboat. ellwood was specific the winfield and 16735752 your scabrous or whittier”

How did they know about my scabrous???

Does anyone else have good spam to share?

3 thoughts on “Mo’ Better Spam

  1. I got this one recently (today in fact!). It is kinda funny:

    Everyone writes on the walls except me. -Said to be graffiti seen in Pompeii
    order soma buy soma online cheap somaA fellow bought a new car, a Nissan, and was quite happy with his purchase.
    He was something of an animist, however, and felt that the car really ought
    to have a name. This presented a problem, as he was not sure if the name
    should be masculine or feminine.
    After considerable thought, he settled on an naming the car either
    Belchazar or Beaumadine, but remained in a quandry about the final choice.
    “Is a Nissan male or female?” he began asking his friends. Most of
    them looked at him pecularly, mumbled things about urgent appointments, and
    went on their way rather quickly.
    He finally broached the question to a lady he knew who held a black
    belt in judo. She thought for a moment and answered “Feminine.”
    The swiftness of her response puzzled him. “You’re sure of that?” he
    “Certainly,” she replied. “They wouldn’t sell very well if they were
    “Unhhh… Well, why not?”
    “Because people want a car with a reputation for going when you want
    it to. And, if Nissan’s are female, it’s like they say… `Each Nissan, she

    [No, we WON’T explain it; go ask someone who practices an oriental
    martial art. (Tai Chi Chuan probably doesn’t count.) Ed.]
    soma soma online Everyone writes on the walls except me. -Said to be graffiti seen in Pompeii

    Posted by: buy soma online at December 6, 2004 08:28 AM

  2. Heh. “when are you people actually gonna send simple emails like mine?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1”. Wait, that’s just a response to a bounce sent because the user was unknown… Then there’s the unsubscribe message to a bounce from an attempt to send an unsubscribe message for a bounce… That’s today’s fun ones I saw though. Also there’s a lot of people who try and complain but can’t track properly down spam (dealing with obviously spoofed headers). I have a folder that most of it ends up in which has 2 day retention and currently sits at 118.3MB with 11,865 messages (which is about average). Someday I should just go through and make a “best of” site for a day’s traffic.

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