A Hankerin’ for Tinkerin’

As anyone who has been reading this site for more than a few weeks knows, it’s been awhile since my last major redesign. Five months, actually. And yet the things I really intended to put up aren’t done. The live count of blocked comment spam is just the first of about a dozen dynamic elements I want to put up here. But before I do that, I need to fix the atrociously ugly archive pages and add a useful side bar back into the design.

This is just me saying that I’m going to try to make that happen before or on New Year’s Eve. Cuz I’ve got a hankerin’ for some nice clean XHTML, CSS, and PHP.

3 thoughts on “A Hankerin’ for Tinkerin’

  1. Oh, by the way. Will you guys be in the Cities for New Years Eve? I guess am also wondering what your schedule is so I can plan mine.

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