Do you find it entertaining to hear old news reports where people speak of old technologies as though they were totally new and unheard of (because at the time, they were)? Well, if so, you’ve gotta hear A network called ‘Internet’ (with my apologies for forcing you to use Windows Media). I love how they say “Internet” instead of “the Internet” as though it’s a proper name. That’s sweet.

My favorite quote: “There’s not a lot of cursing or swearing [on Internet.]” As you can tell, this is early in “Internet’s” development.

7 thoughts on “Internet!

  1. If you care for an mp3 you could visit this link of Engadget’s most recent Podcast. It starts at 23:40 into it. Maybe JL! will want to chop the mp3 down for all his readers…

  2. Actually, Neal, there is more than one Internet. Haven’t you heard of Internet2?

    Jeff, I would never want to edit Engadget’s content (although they would encourage the idea). Their show is too good to cut pieces out. I want my geeky readers to hear the whole thing!

  3. Josh
    I don’t know if this is a problem on my end or yours but I’m looking at your blog at work (on the world’s oldest dell) and it’s coming up in stripes. It has the green background but the white part is broken at odd intervals so it’s making a green/white/green pattern. Although the words are continuos down the screen like normal.

    I’m guessing it’s on my end, but just incase it’s not, I thought I would let you know.

  4. I’ll leave this up here because I get these comments every once in awhile, so I figure it must be worthwhile to let people read it.

    I’m sad to say that technically the problem is between here and there. It’s a combination of the particulars of my code and the particulars of your browser. Safari never does that, so I rarely see it, but I’ve gotten reports that IE does it sometimes and even Firefox apparently does it (rarely?). Do you know what you were using?

    The difficulty in fixing it is that when you scroll up and down, the problem often goes away, which means that the browser just didn’t realize exactly where it was supposed to draw things until it started scrolling, at which point it re-thought the page’s layout and went “Oh! That’s supposed to be here!” and fixed itself. There’s probably a workaround I could do in the code. I have put a few in to make it happen less-frequently, but it’s still not 100% gone. The thing that makes it hard to get rid of entirely is that it doesn’t happen all the time. Just sometimes. So I have to figure out what the conditions are that make it happen. This should be fun…

  5. “It has more soul than any human being I know.”
    – Patty in Toronto

    Wow, what kind of people does Patty know? And I assume she’s talking about Internet himself, not the people she meets on it.

    Thanks for prettying up my blog. I was happy yesterday to find Kevin’s blog … as a bonus I find more great blogs like those of you and your wife.

  6. Yup, no fibbing when I said Firefox does it sometimes. Same with IE: what’s really weird is that it’s not all the time for either. *ahem* Nothing wrong with the programmer of course, just all these darn different browsers. 😉 Just motivation for you to keep working on the updates to your blog, oh Maestro of the worldwide whoopty do!

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