Best Keynote EVAR!

I think today’s Keynote was possibly the best keynote in recent memory. I’m totally excited about everything we announced. Check this stuff out:

iLife ’05 – With new versions of iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, and Garage Band. Each one has too many features to list, and they all work together to do crazy-awesome stuff with video and audio and photos, and… you’ve just gotta see it. Print exquisite books made from your own photos. Shoot high definition video and burn it (even in 16×9 aspect ratio, if you like) to a DVD. Burn a DV tape from your camcorder straight to DVD with only one click using OneStep DVD. It even rewinds the tape for you. The one-click is literal, it’s not just a name. Record multiple simultaneous audio tracks, do music notation, and add effects with GarageBand. I could go on and on. I can’t wait to create with this. Oh, it’s only $79 for the whole thing.

iWork – Successor to the admittedly-sucky Appleworks. It includes Keynote 2 for presentations, and Pages for word processing. Way more options. Way more Mac OS X-era text manipulation. Pages edits and exports Microsoft Word documents too. No one but a Spreadsheet Nerd would spend $399 (yes, really) on Microsoft Office if they’ve got this. iWork is just $79.

Mac mini – Just what the doctor ordered. Now, switching to the Mac will only cost you $499. Bring your own display, keyboard, and mouse, and you’re set to go. It comes with iLife. It comes with iWork. It comes with Mac OS X Panther. (Geez, that’s $287 worth of software right there.) It comes with a 1.25 GHz G4 processor, and plenty of everything else for basic day-to-day stuff. Now you’ve got no excuse not to switch.

iPod shuffle – Tiny. Tiny tiny. Starts at only $99. Players with half the capacity of that iPod shuffle are going for $149 in the market right now, and they don’t have Apple’s design and ease of use to back them up. The concept is simple: people love listening to their music on shuffle. So the iPod shuffle automatically shuffles it for you (if you want) when it syncs with your music library. Every time you sync it and go, you’ve got new surprises waiting for you. You’ve got no reason not to join the digital music revolution now, if you haven’t already. As Apple’s page says, “Give chance a chance.”

Apple’s marketshare of MP3 players went from 31% to 65% in the last year. 29% of the remainder of the market is made up of thousands of different kinds of crappy MP3-playing stocking stuffers. Don’t worry. The horror will end soon, and everyone will be shuffling.

I just love good keynotes. It’s like the Super Bowl to me. Except this is on QuickTime.

12 thoughts on “Best Keynote EVAR!

  1. Actually, it’s more powerful than the cube ever was, but you’re right about “half” when it comes to the price. It’s actually less than half the price the cube was.

    People, you simply must see how small this thing is. It’s only two inches high, and about 6 or 7 inches deep.

  2. Josh, did you just transfer to the marketing department? Or just buy more stock in Apple? 😉

    Just kidding, man. I couldn’t resist. I’m actually pretty impressed with Apple’s new releases. If they had the Mini a year ago I could have switched for 1/3 of the price (of course my current system is still faster and better than the Mini–and then I wouldn’t have splurged for the Apple display). And the iPod shuffle is pretty sweet, too. I’m happy with my purchase of a 40 GB iPod, but just the fact that they have a cheap player is cool.

    Ah, I joined the cool club.

  3. When the mini comes with tiger it will be hard not to buy 2. One for the house and one for the car. I’ve always wanted a carputer and have been too lazy to build one. Now I just need to find a touch screen that works with mac.

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