I’ve got so many things I could blog about right now. I’ve taken three new website projects onto my plate in the last couple weeks. That’s in addition to the five others I’m already working on outside of work. It’s crazy. Thank God I found Basecamp. But that’s not what I want to blog about.

I want to let you know that I’ve finally got no emails in my personal inbox! Yes! I haven’t been able to say that since at least last June or July. I’m pretty proud of that. What this means to you, dear reader, is that if you were expecting me to do something and I haven’t yet done it, I probably forgot and it has completely fallen off my plate. So, I guess I’m asking you to completely ruin the zen of my inbox by reminding me about that thing I’ve forgotten. Or not. Either way, I feel good about that, because I’ve got so much to do otherwise.

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