ADHD in Musical Form

Ever wondered what ADHD sounds like? Then by all means, head over to iTunes and check out Nice by Polysics, on the energetically-titled Hey! Bob! My Friend! album.


5 thoughts on “ADHD in Musical Form

  1. True dat, Neal. Wouldn’t he bring his drum sticks to class to fill any momentary lulls in the class period? Sounds like you’ve got a good diagnosis there. 🙂

  2. Heh, yup, that’s him. When we were feverishly trying to catch our notes up with him, he’d often drum on a desktop (with drumsticks brought for the purpose), or sing in to April Huston’s tape recorder. He even admitted he probably was… though the quad shot espressos he’d down before class probably hit him as well.

  3. You know it Steph! The best chapel ever was with Greg Boyd. He took out a comb and started FROING out his hair, while a few guitar looks came over the speakers: I was the first to shout out a woohoo! before “Play That Funky Music White Boy” cranked over the speakers and he went crazy nuts on the stage. Hehe. He put on a hat later so we wouldn’t be distracted by the hair, but it was like Krusty wearing a hat: it fro’d out under it.

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