Beck is at it again with a new EP called Hell Yes, a blipping, buzzing portent of his upcoming album Guero (which means “white boy” in Spanish). I discovered the EP on iTunes just now, and subsequently freaked out and clicked the “Buy Now” button so quickly that I think I broke some kind of land-speed record. There was a thunderous rumble, and then the sound of breaking glass. I think I may have blacked out momentarily.

The cover of the 'Hell Yes' EPIf the final sound of the album, due in March, is anything like the four tracks on iTunes, I’m going to totally love it. It’s possible that the four tracks on iTunes are all remixes that don’t resemble the final sound, but I doubt that. I can only guess that Beck must be circuit bending and using emulators, old-school software and other modified equipment to create these sounds, because they are incredibly authentic. I doubt it’s anything like the cover of the EP (on the right), showing a guy plugging his GameBoy into a stack of amps, but it’s a great mental picture. I would love to know how he created those sounds. The interesting thing is that for a couple years now I’ve been considering writing some programs to make exactly this sort of music. This absolutely solidifies Beck as my #1 favorite artist.

Be sure to check out the music video for GHETTOCHIP MALFUNCTION (a.k.a “Hell Yes”) on iTunes. Unless you have epilepsy or react strongly to strobe lights, in which case, steer clear. Seriously.

If I could write a poem about this EP, it would be written in COBOL.

Update: Since so many are googling for it, here’s a direct link to the GHETTOCHIP MALFUNCTION video on iTunes.


  1. I found out the first two tracks on the EP – “Ghettochip Malfunction” and “Gameboy/Homeboy” are mixes done by these drunken robot rappers named 8 Bit. Beck is putting them on the map but they got crazy stuff going on themselves. You can see why Beck is a fan. i found their site at

  2. after reading your Beck info i tried your link. was not there anymore. i did a google search, and your blog site came up in the first two positions. are you _that_ popular, or does google also search through your recent web page cache?? anyhow if it matters i found it also here:

    it was interesting to include fax machines… and all the rest of the odd things in the video.

  3. Hey Cuz! Well, when it comes to this particular topic, apparently I am that popular. I guess my site is just that awesome. 🙂

    Thanks for the extra link to the video! I just tried the iTunes one again and it worked just fine for me. I think you just have to have iTunes installed on your computer (and possibly running? I don’t know) and it should work. But if it doesn’t then your link works great!

    I love the fax machines in the video. That’s one of the best parts. 🙂

  4. beck is back! this album will take you to 11, it simply rules. I like the song arrangement in the pre-release then final release but oh well

    brazilica (simply awesome tune), guero, go it alone, chain reaction start of my playlist.. nazarene is nicely arranged, black tambourine is a jammin tune, earthquake weather (slow but nice steady beat), e-pro, summer girl, scarecrow, 11, 12, helly yeah wrap up the list…

    summer will sizzle w/ beck’s latest…

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