Little Design Refinements

Thumbnail image of the general design of this blogI’ve been doing little touch-ups to this blog lately, trying to make it look better. The comments and individual entry pages are way cooler now than they were (partially because now they don’t look like a horrible afterthought). Let me know what you think. I’ll either thank you for complimenting me profusely, or ignore you completely. Either way, it’s fun!

I’ll probably be adding a new sidebar in the next week or two.

7 thoughts on “Little Design Refinements

  1. As an RSS user, I thank you for making the comments pages non-ugly. I’m still a little afeared of the green, but at least there aren’t giant huge harsh letters intimidating me anymore.

  2. I only wish that my comments section looked as spiffy as yours does. Too bad I’m up to my ears learning c++ right now…or I would care enough to update my blog, let alone change the design of the comments section. Which is disabled, because of comment spam, now that I think about it. Do I need to upgrade MT on the server to get protection from comment spam?

  3. Amen schdav! I hated those big green navigation words. I much prefer the new ones, although I think the nav isn’t quite where I want it to be yet. Regarding the fear of my color scheme, you should consider watching “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Green.” Now that I think about it, the Muppets should do that movie. With Kermit at the helm, of course.

    Ted, I would recommend looking into MT Blacklist, a 3rd-party Movable Type plugin, if you’re having comment spam problems and you’re using Movable Type. I don’t know whether you’d need an upgrade, but check it out. It’s not hard to install and it’s totally worth every minute. You can see a running tally of comment spam blocks at the bottom of every page on my site.

  4. I’m still working out the css for my site to produce something that holds together in browsers other than Safari. I like the simplistic look but get bogged down trying to integrate the rest of my stuff into it. But I digress. MT-Blacklist is compatible with MT 2.661, I use it and love it, but hadn’t noticed a tag for showing how many spam comments had been removed, I’ll take another look incase it was there in the older version too.

  5. Craig, it’s actually a custom MySQL select statement that is giving me that number, and it’s being spit out through PHP. So I’m not aware of anything in MT Blacklist that will allow you to put that number up.

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