The Return of Free Songs

iTunes and Pepsi have teamed up again, and I’m once again in the possession of a code for a free song that I can’t redeem due to this little thing called the official rules and “Section 9.” So, like last year, I’m putting the code in the comments, and I expect whoever redeems it to tell us what they purchased and why. Heck, give us a review of the song! It’s free!

7 thoughts on “The Return of Free Songs

  1. Woohoo!

    I just purchased “Visions of Anna” by Matt Sharp (the ex Weezer frontman) . I’m experiencing technical difficulties downloading the file right now but the 30 sec promo sounds good 🙂

    Further review to follow. Song chosen for obvious reference in the title 🙂

  2. This song comes off the “Puckett versus the Country Boy EP”, one of the first solo pursuits of the aforementioned Matt Sharp. The song has a real mellow, melencholy-ish, relaxed sound which I like a lot. Its very sparse musically with a bit of piano and steel guitar underlying simple vocals. Unfortunately, the line from the title is followed by “make me cry”. Sorry Matt, visions of my Anna don’t make me cry, in fact I usually smile like an idiot when I see her. Otherwise, a cool song (if you’re not looking for a pick-me-up).

  3. I use them to buy EPs of artists I enjoy. I have also used them to buy just one song based on a friends recommendation of a good band. What have you got to lose? It’s free!

  4. And some of us are too cheap to buy full albums. Last week I had $15 to spend and lust for three albums. I ended up spending the cash on iTunes getting just the songs I liked (judging by the 30-second preview and the songs I’d heard on the best radio station ever). Getting one album vs. the songs I really wanted from three albums? Though I regret not getting the liner notes, for a cheapo like me it’s a clear-cut choice.

    I also love the free Pepsi caps as a way to discover new songs.

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