Mac OS X 10.3.8

It’s Mac OS X 10.3.8, and I helped!

A couple days ago, Apple released the 8th major OS update to Panther, and I just saw this great report about it on MacFixIt, a site I’ve always generally disliked due to their obsessive paranoia, and the fact that I don’t think it’s “news” when a guy in Kentucky has an unreproducible Kernel Panic. The good news comes at the bold text Positive reports, and in case you don’t feel like scrolling, here’s the gist:

Lest readers think that we’ve only heard bad things about 10.3.8, we should point out that we’ve received many, many positive reports — possibly more than with any recent OS X Update.

(Toot! Toot!)

4 thoughts on “Mac OS X 10.3.8

  1. I downloaded 10.3.8 and installed it my two Macs and life has been perfect all day.

    Can you do a system update on Henson?

    Maybe the problem is that he ISN’T a UNIX.

  2. You hear that, people? He installed it, and his life has been perfect all day. Imagine what could happen if he keeps it installed tomorrow, and through next week!

    Ah, if fixing Henson was only as simple as a system update. You can bet he’s not Unix. He crashes too often. And he core dumps, too. Although come to think of it, he also has Kernel Panics from time to time. His memory runs a little slow. His volume is up way too high. He’s all about uploading and downloading, really.

    OK, I think that’ll do.

  3. Hey Josh, I installed 10.3.8 today on my G5 and my cooling fans have been goofy all day. I’ve never heard them running that often, and today they kept kicking on and running. This evening we left and I put the computer to sleep and when we came back the fans were running like 747s. I could hear them running from downstairs–I’ve never heard them run that loud. I tried to wake up the computer and it wouldn’t respond. I had to shut it down and reboot. Any idea what would cause that?

    I figured I’d ask you since you were all smart about 10.3.8 having worked on it and stuff. You might know more than the AppleCare guys.


  4. Hey Kevin! I’ve read reports of that sort of thing on the ‘Net, yes. I’ve also heard reports of the exact opposite thing happening, wherein people’s fans become extremely quiet, and almost never start up at all, which you will find at the link in the writing above.

    As an Apple employee who is totally unauthorized to give support to Apple customers in the role of an employee, I can’t comment on it, especially publically. So I’m afraid you’d have to get your info elsewhere. I definitely don’t want to turn this blog into a support forum.

    Just be glad I didn’t delete your comment for fear of appearing too biased. 😉

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