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I got a spam email today with the subject, “Refinance your home the Christian Way.” Well, I was thinking about making a deal with Lucifer (you know, the Prince of Darkness) wherein I would sacrifice one unblemished human infant each month in exchange for a fixed 3.97% APR mortgage rate, but now that I’ve heard about this Christian mortgage…

2 thoughts on “Christian Finance

  1. I was just in Seattle and there was a contruction sign with a fish on it. Now, I have no problems with that. Steve’s Appliances (Moundsview) goes a bit too far for my tastes, but I see no ethical problems with their “Christ the Lord is risen today!” signs. However, the bandwagon is ridiculous.

    (ala comercial voice-over) Do you need more money? Are you tired of trying to find suckers to buy yo’ $@*#%! ? Isn’t there an easier way?

    Learn what hundreds of tele-evangelists and HUGE secular-buying-out-Christian-for-marketshare corporations have known for decades.

    Put the word “Christian” into your business; pull some scripture out of context to make your agenda be Christ’s agenda … and ultimately their agenda.

  2. You make a good point, MJ. If Christians hear that someone else is a Christian, or that a business is run by Christians, they will almost automatically patronize that business and help them out without really asking for proof. What’s even stranger is that sometimes we don’t hold Christian businessmen and businesswomen to the same standards we use for the rest of the world.

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