A tombstoneI just noticed an article by Michael S. Malone for ABC News which I found to be incredibly interesting. In this article, Mr. Malone first shows you how he determines when a company may be on their way to the grave, and gives you some excellent examples of previous predictions he has made.

Then he makes a prediction that will really shock you. Read this one all the way through. It’s worth it. It’s no guarantee, of course, but the possibility is certainly there.

I guess now’s not a good time to mention that Apple’s stock is at an all-time high.

2 thoughts on “Dying?

  1. It IS an interesting article, but I don’t know if it’s entirely that surprising. I KNOW all the evidence he cited, and have for a good bit, so there is a good chance that Microsoft will take a downturn (but I don’t think they’ll get close to dying… at most, it’ll be something like Apple experienced).

    It’s also a bit early to diagnose some of this. In the console market, Microsoft is sitting pretty with their Xbox, and have the potential of continuing this trend with their next console (you never know though, the Super Nintendo was followed by the so-so N64). Just an FYI, the video games industry is MASSIVE, and is… I think (can’t remember my numbers) either equal to the movie industry, or even pulls in more cash. So they do have other things going on… which may be contributing to what this guy described.

    And… it hasn’t really happened yet. Microsoft is where they’re at for very good reasons, and there IS potential that they can adapt to all these new things and remain where they’re at, or not far below it. Don’t start tooting your horn yet, Mr. Lewis. 😉

    Personally, I don’t care… as long as my precious games keep coming out. Mmmmmm, my preciousssss.

  2. I think I guarded pretty well against horn-tooting! Honestly, I’d be a little surprised if MS actually crashed and burned. I think it’s almost impossible to do that when your pockets are that deep (IBM is still around, aren’t they) but I think we may be on the cusp of a sea change in tech, and I think the decreasing of MS is one of the elements in that sea change.

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