Carrie & Neal are having dinner with us in Monterey. I figured it was a good time to try blogging from my cell phone.

4 thoughts on “Monterey

  1. If I were to fill in balloons over the heads in the picture this is what I would put in them.

    Steph: (in response to the lumnescent background of the photo) So they finally dropped the A-Bomb in Cali. OOH, quick, one more sip of my margarita, baby!

    Neal: With my hand on my hip, like this, I would laugh in the face death and go ahead and eat the deadly, poisonous blowfish anyway.

    Carrie: NO WAY!!! Josh did NOT just get a picture of me picking my nose!?!

    Josh: (unseen) Dude, blogging from my cell phone! The way of the future, man. I can just imagine it now: blogs around the world filled with badly lit pictures and two sentence entries. Amazing! The way of the future… (cough)… the way of the future…(cough)… the way of the future

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