Free Song Upside the Head

In the grand tradition of free songs, the next free song code for iTunes is in the comments of this entry.

If you redeem this code, let us know what song you got, and maybe give us a review of it! There are well over a million songs to choose from, so I’m pretty sure there’s at least one that will strike your fancy.

2 thoughts on “Free Song Upside the Head

  1. Hurrah for living on the west coast and staying up late.

    I downloaded “Everything I try to do, nothing seems to turn out right” by The Decemberists–one of the new tracks on the Billy Liar single.

    It’s pretty good, a little more emotionally straightforward than many Decemberist songs.

    Best lyric, because of the slant rhyme:
    “and we both had some fun, though I twice bit my tongue”

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