Timmy Wheat

This entry inaugurates a new series of entries on my blog. I’ve already written about installing Vonage service and why I love it. And now, the fact that I get wav files of my voicemail emailed to me is a perk that you are all going to benefit from. *Shakes fist threateningly* Benefit!!!

From now on, any time someone calls us and leaves a voicemail for someone who doesn’t exist here, if I find it remotely funny or interesting, I’m going to post it on this blog. I’ll remove any personally-identifying info if I can.

Exhibit A: Keith is looking for Timmy Wheat. Timmy said this was his phone number. Keith needs some help. Listen, now, to a message for Timmy Wheat (124 KB).

By the way, this could somehow relate to Tim’s recent theory on the name “Timmy”.

5 thoughts on “Timmy Wheat

  1. I wish I’d had those capabilities when I lived in LA. We kept getting voicemails at our apartment from some woman who, nearest we could guess, was speaking Polish. I imagine she was saying much the same thing as Keith, but I’m not quite sure.

  2. Hehe, last year would have been the best for this with me: I blogged a few times about advertisers and people kept calling for the same woman.

    I had some kid call my number for his friend… ummm, Timmy a few times, which perplexed me. You know that he isn’t at my number, so why are you calling it more than once? LOL.

    What I love about this message is that it JUST KEEPS GOING. If head had stopped about 15 seconds in, normal, not funny, etc. But then he just keeps going! Hehe, made me chuckle again. “Timmy Wheat.”

  3. Dang! Makes me wish we had Vonage at our old phone number when we kept getting all the people asking for Onicemo. Long, messages in fast-talking Español. Heh heh.

  4. Okay, I think it’s funny and kinda sad. I agree with Neal that he babbles — also his interrupting his reading of the phone number: PecUliAr.

    I talked longer than I wanted to someone who was looking for a Tom or something like that. However, she remembers that Tom had a brother named Matt — so she was calling all the Matthew s in the phone book because the Matt ____s were less than the Tom ____s.

    How desparate of situation is it when one decides they need to all of one common first/last name in the phone book? God’s blessings to her.

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