Human After All

I’m so excited. Today is a great day for iTunes, because they’ve finally added the main collection of Daft Punk. Guys, I can’t tell you how much I love some of their songs. Some of them also suck, but there are a few that are like the sweetest candy, dipped in wonderful, and served on a silver slice of radical. Daft Punk has two songs in my top seven most played songs in iTunes, and Digital Love is actually #1. That song is worth $10, not 99 cents. Go get it. Please.

Oh, and Daft Punk just released a new album today (on iTunes too, naturally) called Human After All so you might want to check that out too if you like what you hear from their direction.

If you know their stuff, or are just being introduced to it now, what do you think?

11 thoughts on “Human After All

  1. You know, now that I’ve advertised the new album without listening to it. I figure I should come back having heard the whole thing through once and let you know that it’s unfortunately not that great. There are a few interesting hooks here and there, but it just doesn’t have the magic of some of their previous stuff, and especially not the magic of those first four tracks on Discovery.

    There was one spot in “The Prime Time of Your Life” where I thought, “Okay, here we go. They’re gonna really take off on this one,” and then it went absolutely nowhere, and turned into some kind of messy, audio scribble at the end.

    “Emotion” and “Human After All” are OK songs, for the most part. My main complaint with this album is the same complaint I’ve had with their stuff before. They tend to take one or two ten-second ideas and stretch them to four or five minutes. You find yourself thinking, “Surely, after sixteen measures of this, these fine DJs will move on to some other melodic or rhythmic element.” But you’d be wrong. It’ll be another sixteen. Or even thirty-two. Why not?

    I do still love the fact that their vocoder has a French accent, though.

  2. Heh, other than those first 4 tracks, I haven’t heard a whole lot of Daft Punk that I’ve actually liked. So yeah, good assessment Joshua.

  3. OK, they still get bonus points for using a double guitar in the video for Robot Rock (I’m assuming that’s the name of the song). You know those guitars that are, like, DOUBLE guitars?

  4. Gos! So glad to see you on here. I didn’t know you were a reader.

    I haven’t seen that video yet! I’ll have to. Double, eh Gossamer? We’ll have to see about that. It sounds quite radical.

    I should also reiterate that I’m not saying that their album stinks. It doesn’t stink. It’s just not totally totally frickin awesome, like I was hoping it would be. I guess they forgot to turn up the “frickin’ awesome” knob somewhere amongst all that equipment they have.

  5. I lurk.

    You can see a brief clip of the video on It also appears that they’re selling action figures of the characters in the videos from Discovery.

  6. You know, upon closer inspection, it isn’t a “brief” clip. I think it’s the whole video. I had assumed that it was a 15 second loop, but it’s actually over 3 minutes long. I guess that’s some accidental commentary.

  7. LOL!! Oh my gosh, that’s just perfect for Daft Punk. Wow.

    Maybe they’re obsessive-compulsive or something? “Show me all the vocoders…. show me all the vocoders… show me all the vocoders…”

  8. Short of two songs on Discovery that album totally tears it up. I really wish that they would’ve continued the music video story from the first four tracks through the rest of the album. I want to know how it ends!!!

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