If you’re a Mac fan, you’ve probably already seen the PodBrix people’s stuff. They’re basically Apple lovers and Lego lovers who have put their two loves together in one product. My friend Kevin wrote a blog entry about them awhile back. Since then, they’ve sold their third item, a t-shirt called the Brixwear 1000, which has a custom-made iPod shuffle magnetic clasp on it and features their 1K Brix shadow-dancing lego man. I guess you kinda have to see it.

I’ve gotten both the 1K Brix and the Keynote minifigs they’ve sold, and I got the t-shirt too, but I decided not to keep it in the hopes that I can turn a little profit with it since it’s so rare and it was only on sale for 18 minutes. So I’m selling it on ebay.

If you wish you had one of these, or you know someone who does, do me a favor and follow that link! Thanks.

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