I just realized that some day someone is going to make a classy, well-done movie about Bono’s life, kinda like they just did for Ray Charles. Maybe not in the next decade or two, but it’ll happen in our lifetime. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Any moments you’d especially like to see?

8 thoughts on “Bono

  1. The mullet years would be funny. It would be so hard to recreate something so majestic yet wicked awesome. Maybe it should be represented as a coon-skin cap.

  2. Hmmm… Do you think they will include the infamous f-word outbursts? I’m sure that moment will get a perfectly nuanced audio treatment. But Bono is one of my favorite vocalists anyway…

  3. Just for Josh, They might do a movie about the ressurection of a company that was pretty much dead in the water with the PC market then took over the world one ipod at a time.

  4. They might indeed, Andy. We’ll see. I’m pretty sure I won’t even get a line. 😉

    As far as Bono goes, I’m pretty sure they’ll include a bit of everything. Different phases of his life, and the things that made him tick. I’m sure it’ll be interesting, whenever it’s done. They’d better get someone really talented to play him.

  5. It might be interesting to see how they would articulate that time in the band’s history where it all almost came undone during their early tours, as some members thought that the excess of their success was hurting their religions beliefs.

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