Henson and volleyball

We’re relaxing this afternoon, playing volleyball with friends. Henson came too.

5 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. UGH!!! So it turns out Verizon has decided, since the last time I used my cell phone to blog, that it’s fun to add their own text and HTML into my code on my blog when I send a picture through their service.

    Yes, Verizon, that’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks SO MUCH for inserting your crappy marketing text and improperly-nexted paragraphs and divs into my post! I paid a quarter, and they vandalized my blog! Wheee!

    Oh, my gosh I’m so hopping mad right now I could punch someone.

    I’ve edited the above entry to appear the way it would have if Verizon hadn’t screwed it up.

  2. (Fam is referring to a comment I left on her blog.) Shoot, I didn’t intend it to sound that way. I like my job, actually, although it is frustrating sometimes. Thanks for the prayers, Fam!

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