Not Tonight, Dear

This evening I accidentally discovered the existence of the International Headache Society. No, really. It was founded in 1981. Its website (Ow! My head!) proudly proclaims, “This site is open to everyone with an interest in headache.” So apparently the disease of headache is singular, like cancer (e.g. “Did you hear about George? He has headache. I know, what a shock! And he has three kids, too. Those poor things.”).

Topic for discussion: let’s hear some submissions for “Top Ten Things Overheard at the Annual International Headache Society Conference”.

2 thoughts on “Not Tonight, Dear

  1. OK, my feeble attempts:

    “Anybody have any aspirin?”
    “Shhh… geez, don’t talk so loud.”

    Seriously, someone has to have something better than that.

  2. Well, one thing I would NOT want to hear while in a conference is hear a woman say, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache.” Hi-ho! A bit more than I needed to hear, that’s for sure.

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