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I just realized I never posted a link to the CAA website I finished last month. That’s one of my most-recent creations. I didn’t do the look-and-feel of it. Cook Design did that, and I worked with Cook Design and the Director of the CAA to translate the design idea into web form. I think it turned out pretty well. Those curved menus weren’t easy for me at first. It took some thinking and some learning.

I really enjoyed having a designer do a large part of the visual thinking for me, too, because I was presented with different challenges and opportunities than I would have been had I done the design myself. There are pluses and minuses to working with a designer, I suppose. I think for now I’d like about half my projects to be designed by me, and the other half to be designed by a pro.

Besides the menus, I’m the most proud of the fact that the site looks different depending on what time of day you visit it. The background changes from a regular “sunny day” sky to a sunset if you visit it in the evening or at night. We’re thinking of adding a separate nighttime theme, too.

3 thoughts on “CAA Site

  1. I love it too! I’m glad you were able to try a totally different design. I’m excited to see what else you make in the future!

  2. I knew you were out there somewhere. It took an “change of email” mass mailing to turn up the right clues to find you. I think I even called apple last year, but that was a dead end…I just didn’t have enough info to track you down.

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