So Tired

I’m so tired.

I’ve been doing 50 or 60 hour weeks for the last month or two, and the project I’ve been working on is finally coming to a close. It’ll be really nice to, sometime in this next week, take a breath of fresh air, come home at a reasonable time, and just sit and watch TV.

Steph has noticed that lately I’ve been really drawing inside myself. Getting quieter in social situations, only speaking when I absolutely must, preferring to sit silently and listen to my friends talk instead of talking to them. I’m becoming a wallflower, and it’s really unlike me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m overworked, or if it’s because of some other thing. But I hate it, and I hope it goes away.

2 thoughts on “So Tired

  1. I know, Josh, you haven’t been blogging much lately. I mean, freakin’ Tiger came out and you haven’t said anything about it. How am I supposed to know whether or not I should upgrade?!


  2. Hehe, he’s e-mailed me about it. You just have to go through the proper channels. 😉 I’m sure it’s just your workload Josh. I notice a big difference in Jess during the week and during the weekends, and it’s mostly because of the stress from her job. I’d say it’s the same for you.

    I’ve said it before, and I really do mean this. It’s good to be working on your web devving, as that’s something you’re going to want to do, but you don’t want to overload your plate either. There’s far more to life than work- get out and enjoy it!

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