Gene Kelly is Poppin’ and Lockin’

Some of you may have seen an ad featuring Gene Kelly breakdancing floating around the web over the last few months. Give that thing a view. I know “A-list” blogger Jason Kottke saw it way before I did, and posted an interview with one of the dancers, who calls himself Elsewhere.

I’ve probably watched that ad about 20 times. I absolutely love it, and I love that style of dancing even more. And apparently so does ne-o the vid house that put the ad together, because they also did another really sweet music video for a song called “Late at Night” by Futureshock. In the video, dancing is portrayed as an odd kind of contagious disease. Nothing could be more true! Flee the dancers, dear readers, or they will soon blight us all! The security guards are my favorite. Especially the fat one. That guy rocks.

The really odd thing is that I was into Elsewhere back in April or May. I was Googling his name, looking up information about him, and generally being fascinated. And I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t he be great to have in an iPod ad?” And about two weeks later this ad came out. I’m pretty sure he’s the shadow we first see on a green background (but how could you ever tell?) simply because his moves are so distinctive. What say you?

One thought on “Gene Kelly is Poppin’ and Lockin’

  1. Pop locking is one of those things that kinda creeps me out, but I can’t stop watching. I think I would be less disturbed if it weren’t for the facial expressions pasted on the dancers. It’s like Windowlicker all over again.

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