Fork, Spoon, Butane Torch

Steph and I had a sort of build-your-own baked potato dinner this evening, wherein one takes the potato and puts any number of other toppings on it to create one’s “dream potato”. This idea is not new. Once the potatoes were out on the table, one of the ingredients I wanted on mine was shredded cheddar cheese. So I was putting the cheese on the potato, and the potato had already started to cool a bit, and the cheese just wasn’t melting correctly.

Most people would suggest a short trip to the microwave, but I insisted upon something possibly faster, more exciting, much more wasteful, and potentially more destructive for my potato.

You see, just last Christmas Steph’s mom got her a creme brulee set a lot like this little beauty. And as any creme brulee lover knows, the most important part of that whole thing is the handheld butane torch. That’s the “brulee” part! Steph had just gotten some butane to fill it today, and it was sitting out, so…


The cheese was excellent. Really evenly melted. It actually kept melting after I removed the torch. I didn’t scorch the plate or the potato at all, and I didn’t even have to get out of my seat. I think I might try the butane torch on some old-fashioned cheese ‘n chips this week. Steph and I wondered what would happen if I started bringing the torch to restaurants. “Sir, do you need me to warm that up?” “Oh, no thanks, I’ve got it. (Pfffffsssshhhhhhhhh)”

Next week: arc welding prime rib!

One thought on “Fork, Spoon, Butane Torch

  1. You DO know when we used the expression, “I’m going to Nuke it” we merely meant that we were going to put the food in the micro wave. JUST the micro wave, Josh. Nothing more than a simple micro wave. You do know that?

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