My Life Poster

My 2004 - 2005 Life PosterAwhile back Mike Matas (of Delicious Monster fame) came up with the idea of a “Life Poster” and posted instructions on how to make one. Then Jim Heid automated the process, and I can’t resist good automation.

Here’s a small version of mine made with images from just the last year or so. Don’t feel bad if you’re not in the poster. It just means I don’t have a recent, high-resolution picture of you.

5 thoughts on “My Life Poster

  1. That’s awesome. I feel honored to be a part of your life poster. Does that mean I am your life poster friend? You may now refer to me as “life poster friend”. Thanks

  2. They really should add this feature into iPhoto. I’ve been meaning to make at least 2 of these in the last year but haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for the link to the tool. I am going to SO use that. 😀


  3. When I started going through the pictures top to bottom I thought to myself that I hoped you included the pic of you and tobymac. Then I reached the bottom and I saw that indeed the tmac was there. Then I rocked out with a little Diverse City.

  4. This is reminding me that I haven’t received any pics from my last two visits to you guys. In that post I see two pics of when I went exploring with Steph last June (or so I’m guessing), but I don’t have ’em! If you have any, send ’em my way, for crying out loud!

    *ahem* Whoo! I made the poster, too!

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