A couple months ago I got a 6 megapixel digital camera. Later, I had it in my pocket, and having forgotten it was there, went for a swim in a creek. This is not that story.

A team of geeky photographers has just created a 4 gigapixel camera. That’s 4,000 megapixels. Not six. They call it the Gigapxl Project. Their pictures have absurd clarity. Objects not 5 inches high are photographed from 100 yards away, and you can zoom in on the photographs and see them clearly. It’s astounding. Please look.

Now, once they have a pocket-sized version of the beast you’ll see here, I’ll bite. As it is… you know… I don’t want to look like a tourist. But at least I couldn’t ruin it by forgetting it in my pocket.

6 thoughts on “Gigapixel

  1. Considering it’s not a digital camera (it’s large format film and they scan it), unless they make a breakthrough in film technology it’ll be a while before they get it down to pocket size…

  2. Yeah, that extra “scanning” step really kills it. Still, I’m a patient man. I’ll wait. It simply must happen at some point!

  3. I just realized another interesting use of this technology. Assuming the shutter doesn’t have to stay open for an extremely-long time, which it may (can you tell I haven’t bothered to read a lot about it?) it would be interesting to photograph a sports stadium from the inside during a game. Later you could zoom in and see each person’s face in the entire stadium perfectly clearly, including their expression at the time, etc. That would provide endless hours of fun.

    And law enforcement would love a record of who was at the game, of course.

  4. Hey! Maybe if you got some Hammer-pants you could fit it into your pocket! Oh, but then you’d get all the “Is that a gigapixel camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” jokes.

  5. Yea, I’d assume the shutter is somewhat fast given the shots with people in them. That would be an interesting use of it. And eddie’s comment reminds me of a woman at Bethel telling me the story about when she used the banana joke on a guy when he came into her office on his way back from lunch to fix something (and had a banana in his pocket but he didn’t realize she saw the stem). He’s a quiet techie and she’s rather outgoing (that part is probably obvious), so it was a rather funny and rather paniced reaction.

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