Return of the Band Name

I’ve got a new cool band name. This one’s my favorite yet.


I just absolutely love it on every level. Look it up. I think if I actually have a band, that’ll be the first name I pick. I thought of it tonight while reading an article on Wikipedia. Incidentally, if you head over there and hit Control-X on your keyboard, you’ll get a random article. Hit it again, and get another random article. It’s fun and true!

10 thoughts on “Return of the Band Name

  1. Very nice! A subtle pun. I think everyone should attempt to contribute a band name to this thread. Or at least teach us a random fact from Wikipedia. 😉

  2. Did you know that the first golf balls were made of wood until the 17th century, then they used stuffed cowhide to gain distance.

    But I like the band name the sunday donuts.

  3. Platonic epistemology holds that knowledge is innate, so that learning is the development of ideas buried deep in the soul, often under the mid-wife-like guidance of an interrogator.

  4. Dude. You should check out some band names of existing Indie Bands. Some are stupid, but some are hilarious!

    My favorites are:
    • Naked Pictures of Chewbacca (heh heh)
    • Mr. Meener (is that a band about Henson?)
    • The Doll Sweating Hour (what?)
    • Studguppy (because guppies are such studs)
    • Tony Barca w/ The Cyclone Rangers & The Uptown Horns
    • Candace Carnie (I wonder if she really is a carnie)

    Among others…

  5. Back here in Minneapolis, there is a local band called “Mel Gibson and His Pants”. Anyway, I would name my band “String Theory” but I’m sure that one’s taken. So then I’d have to get clever and come up with “The String Theory Incident” which have certain lawsuits need to be changed to “The String Theory Incidentals” or something silly.

  6. Dear Steph,
    I guess you never heard any of Mr. Meener’s music and obviously can’t comprehend the meaning! Well let me spell it out for you. Mr. Meener was an idea of our guitarist Scot Coffey, Oh yeah,I’m the drummer for this stupid sounding band!
    Anyhow, it is supposed to sound like misdameaner, you know like breaking the law, rebelling against the system. But I guess you had to be there, huh?

    I guess the truth of it is this. We busted our asses for years and got what we wanted. You set on your ass and talk about people and things you know nothing about. How many songs have you written and recorded lately? But, I guess opinoins are like assholes,,,,,, Everybody’s got one,,,, Some have 2 and speak out of 1 of them.

  7. LOL!

    It’s pretty hard to beat that comment. I guess text doesn’t work too well to communicate ideas and intentions. I’m going to close this entry before it gets any uglier.

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