Stink in Peace.There’s a skunk that hangs out in our neighborhood in the evenings. You can smell him a bit on the breeze, and of course you can tell how far away he is by the intensity of the smell. His presence makes Henson growl softly as the odor wafts in through the windows of the living room.

Somebody ran over him yesterday. I made him a memorial desktop picture. Enjoy it, and remember him fondly.

5 thoughts on “Stanky

  1. One time I needed to go outside to put something in my car. It was a really hot day and the front door had a fan in the screen door to get some air inside. When I started opening the door, I saw that Stanky was literally like FOUR FEET in front of me on my sidewalk!!! He/She stood up on his hind legs and looked at me. I just stood there frozen thinking that if he sprayed me, the fan was going to suck it all in the house and that would NOT be good!!! Stanky was so good that he just looked at me curiously and then ran away!

    Stanky, you were the most thoughtful varmit I’ve been around. You won’t be missed at all..

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Skanky. You know, one must not jump to conclusions. Sometimes Skanky’s type are quite social and come in families. Pancaked on your avenue you may not have the sole source of sour smells on your street but only a single sibling in a sizeable……….skunky sorority.

  3. I heard that when skunks die that their glands that control the smell relax and smell a whole lot worse then if they were to spray you.

    I was camping once and a racoon was about 6 inches from my face. I was sleeping outside on a cot and he reached up and stared at me. I opened my eyes and just about screamed like a schoolgirl but just closed my eyes and thought “Please go away mr racoon.” Then he proceeded to have a fight (with a skunk) inside of a friends tent because they had food inside of their tent, stopid people who bring food to camp and leave it inside their tents.

  4. For some reason I love the idea of a skunk and a raccoon fighting inside your friend’s tent. It sounds like total pandemonium. I would’ve loved to see the look on your friend’s face when he came back to his tent and discovered the mess and the smell. Wait… was he in the tent during the fight?

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