OK, I’ve got the RSS feed for comments mostly working for those who know what to do with it. This feed will make it much easier to follow discussion on any particular post without visiting the site or the entry multiple times to see who else has responded.

This feed may get a little spam in it occasionally, but that spam will just as quickly be removed and deleted from the RSS. My apologies if you see some. I’ll do my best to keep it clean.

Also, I don’t want to fuse my comments RSS to my entries RSS. I don’t like it when people do that. It forces me to think “Wait, did I read this entry yet? Oh, yes, I did, it’s just that there’s a new 6th comment down there below the first 5 I’ve also already read, which is why the entry appears to be new.” It’s not convenient.

One small nice touch (although this may be common for comments RSS): when you click on the title of a particular comment, you’re not just taken to that entry, but to the actual comment itself. So each comment has a sort of “permalink” of its own. w00t.

9 thoughts on “Comments!

  1. I’ll definitely share the template! It’s actually not an MT template. It’s just a PHP file that pulls stuff from my database and formats it into RSS. I hope that’s not disappointing. 🙂

    It’s not quite in a state where it would be usable by others yet, but I’ll try to clean it up and post it here. Unfortunately it assumes the table names and column names used by MT 2.64, so if you’re not using MT 2.64 I don’t know whether it would be useful or not.

  2. His situation is pretty static. Flat, you might say.

    And just because I’m putting up a comments feed doesn’t mean you can go commenting off topic in the wrong entry! 🙂

  3. LOL.

    OK, fine. Fine! We’ll have it your way. Crazy people… mumble mumble…

    In brief: I’m trying to decide if I should sell my 1-month old iPod and buy the new one. I love it, and I want it. Regarding the whole “Apple’s Profit Quadruples, Yet Stock Falls” thing, I’ve seen such things happen to AAPL before. The stock rises and falls seemingly on its own will, with no love for coherence, relevance, news, or rumor. Well, it does like rumors. But it does seem that no matter how well we do, we just didn’t save enough babies, or cure enough cancer, or end enough world hunger. Honest to God, I’m really trying.

  4. Josh, I would like to commend you for trying keep your blogging community “on task” AND for tolerating/allowing for those who digress. After all, one can’t make their own “iPod/Apple shareholders’ update” new entry on your blog.

    That said, I’d be much more facist if I had a blog.

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