Scary Cakes

Halloween has been in full force for several weeks now in all the stores. It’s been their first chance to decorate around a highly-concrete theme since July, it seems, and they’re really going for it. Cobwebs, spiders, zombies, mummies, vampires, witches, werewolves, voluptuous women poured into tight black dresses who are said to be eternally wed to Darkness. That kinda stuff.

Scary CakesBut the thing that has made me laugh the most in all of this is Scary Cakes. Hostess is getting into the spirit of things this year (and apparently also has in previous years though I’ve never paid attention) by creating something identical to the tongue, but entirely other to the mind. My favorite thing about these cakes is that they seem both positive and negative all at once. When confronted with the Scary Cakes, you are conflicted immediately and permanently. Do I want the Scary Cakes? What makes the Scary Cakes so scary? What will happen to me if and when I consume said Scary Cakes? Something scary, no doubt. But, not purely scary. There’s cake involved in this event. Do you see the horrible dilemma?

It also makes a great term of endearment. I’ve taken to calling Stephanie “scary cakes” lately. I think it suits her quite well!

13 thoughts on “Scary Cakes

  1. Then at Thanksgiving you can call her “Turkey Cakes” and at Christmas, “Reindeer Cakes.”

    That ought to put her in the holiday spirit.

  2. For Hannakah, “Yarmulke Cakes”!

    For Amadillo Day, “Road Kill Cakes”?

    And for her birthday, “Baby Cakes”!!!!!

  3. Out of curiousity, is this a name Stephanie also endorses? Or is it along the lines of “Steffy?” Just checking, given my recent concern about nicknames, heh.

    Hmmmm, there needs to be a Homer line based around this, I think. “I’ll give you scary cakes!” *shakes fist*

  4. Ummmm, so you are, or aren’t okay with this name? I’m guessing not, but maybe you’re “sheeshing” me for using the name that should not be used.

  5. Oh oh, are we having a funny name contest with the word scare or scary in it? Maybe not but if we were my entry would be Sponge Bob Scary Pants.

  6. I was sheeshing the whole thing. What kind of man calls his wife Scary Cakes? I mean, there’s honey, baby, sweetheart, hottie… all of which I approve of (especially hottie). But, Scary Cakes? I am neither scary nor a cake. The name just doesn’t work. I don’t do anything that resembles scariness or cakeness. People never describe me as “Wow, she’s really scary” or “Her personality has many sweet layers like a cake.” No. Scary and Cake are not words that describe me. I dunno, I’d like to think that my personality is spicier than that.

  7. Hey, Scary Cakes, what if you worked out something and could call Josh “Twinkie” in exchange?

    Hey? How about that? Good, huh?

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