What you wanted: October 2005

Here are the most popular search strings people used when they eventually stumbled upon my site (or presumably some of the other blogs I host here) via Google, Yahoo and other search engines during the month of October. The count on the left is the number of people who found me using that search string. Apparently people are looking for The Becktionary and cool band names quite a lot. And 84 people wanted to find me, or someone with my name. Well, here I am.

I find it really funny that at least eight people were willing to settle for good band names. We don’t need anything cool. Just make it good. It’s also funny people somehow found me when looking for cool blog names. This blog, creatively titled “Blog.”, is about the worst-named blog in the entire universe. Please don’t ask me for cool blog names. You could use one of the band names, I suppose, but you’d at least have to make sure it wasn’t one of the ones stated in plural.

Note that “scary cakes” made the top 27 in a relatively short timespan! People want their scary cakes. Yes they do.

Hits      Search String
----------------  ----------------------

127        9.31%  becktionary
115        8.43%  cool band names
84         6.16%  josh lewis
30         2.20%  cool blog names
16         1.17%  my life
13         0.95%  beck
12         0.88%  hen
12         0.88%  new nintendo
10         0.73%  obi
8          0.59%  eric drotning
8          0.59%  good band names
8          0.59%  nano
7          0.51%  dog door
7          0.51%  holding ipod nano
7          0.51%  ipod nanoo
7          0.51%  the becktionary
6          0.44%  poppin
6          0.44%  poppin and lockin
6          0.44%  ugly fish
6          0.44%  word scramble anldegn
5          0.37%  anldegn
5          0.37%  anldegn word scramble
5          0.37%  asama guitars
5          0.37%  life poster
5          0.37%  mario music
5          0.37%  scary cakes
5          0.37%  sir kay

3 thoughts on “What you wanted: October 2005

  1. Josh,
    I noticed that Eric made your list of searches that resulted in a visit to your site. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to place more of his photos up in the past months. I know there are a number of people who want to remember Eric with a smiling face, although somewhat ironic that the wedding is where so many good pictures of him were taken. Your efforts are appreciated.

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