Video Content Survey

A friend of mine is conducting a survey about online video content and other stuff, and he’d love it if you’d take 10 minutes and click a few boxes. It’s best if you finish on or before Monday, November 14th. Thanks!

I’d be interested to hear your comments on the topics it raises, too. What do you all think of downloadable content, purchasable video, and viewing video on mobile devices? What price is worth it? Have you downloaded video from the ‘Net? How did you watch it?

3 thoughts on “Video Content Survey

  1. My holy grail right now would be a mythtv/tivo like system that you could sync to a ipod video like unit. and the interface on both the dvr and the ipod would be identical. and it would have a capacity of 200GB or more. and still be ipod sized. Oh, and HD resolution.

  2. don’t forget the sub $200 price tag schdav. 😉

    Actually, I’m with schdav and his thoughts. I wouldn’t mind a straight to ipod option from tivo or other dvr either. Maybe it can be scripted or something but I would love to plug an ipod into something (mac or tivo) and have all my new unwatched shows copied over automagically.

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