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Forbes had an interesting idea, and apparently decided to go through with it. They have a page up now called The E-mail Time Capsule which can apparently be used to send yourself an email in the future. They’ll hold your email for a year, three years, five, ten, or even twenty years in the future.

At first, the whole idea doesn’t seem that impressive until you realize how much technology changes in two decades. What kind of computer did you own in 1985? Yeah. It’ll be at least that big of a jump again in the next twenty, and they’re confident that your message to yourself won’t get lost amidst server swaps, internet protocol changes, etc, due to the way their time capsule works.

So send yourself a message, already! And if you don’t mind, copy and paste it over here in the comments so we can see it too. Oh, and if you don’t like Forbes for some reason, apparently there’s another group doing almost the same thing. They’re called FutureMe. For all I know they were doing it before Forbes. I don’t know if they’ve got the nice backup system(s) in place that Forbes has, but… whatever. Go nuts.

2 thoughts on “Email Time Capsule

  1. Wow, I just wrote a 1500-word essay to myself! It may be too long to post here, and some of it is way too personal, but for the most part I talked about what things are like now and made guesses about what things will be like then.

    I sent it 10 years into the future. I couldn’t wait for 20.

  2. That’s bizarre. I can’t imagine having the same e-mail address in 20 years. 5 years ago I had a different e-mail address, and 5 years before that I had another one.

    I guess I hope my current one will stick around, but you just never know.

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