Christmas @ Apple

Christmas trees in the lobby of IL1Every year around this time, Apple puts up three big Christmas trees in the lobby of Infinite Loop 1. They’re quite tall, but not as tall as the three permanent trees behind them, or the three-story iPod Nano banner overhead.

Still, they fill the air with that familiar pine scent, and lend a gorgeous soft glow in the evening. I can feel Christmas when I walk through the lobby. It’s beautiful. I’m lucky.

3 thoughts on “Christmas @ Apple

  1. Well, it’s off topic, but I don’t mind. I’ve been getting quite a few hits on this stuff lately from multiple parties, and they’ve been emailing me.

    Very cool, Emily! Good luck over there. Thanks for your support. It’s such an interesting, complex issue, and we all need to talk about it and think about it.

    If anyone else would like to check out their community, just click on Emily’s name. You may also want to re-read the original “Straight Pride” entry that I wrote awhile back, just to recall what the issues were.

  2. It finally snowed A LOT in Duluth. Over a foot or so, I believe, maybe even more than that. Before this, any snow we had melted or just kinda left the grass showing and looked very ugly. Now? It FEELS like Christmas, to be sure. Everything has a layer of icing and looks wonderful.

    Sure, it’s a bit cold and wet, but if I’m going to have winterish conditions, I want snow! It makes it all worthwhile.

    I just say this because the snow is more important to me than Christmas trees and lights, even if I do like both of them. It’s also pretty cool that Apple does this.

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