I’ve Got The Power

We came back to California from our Minnesotan Christmas vacation at midnight on the morning of the 31st. Just after I woke up later that morning, Comcast had problems with their ‘Net connection, and the whole thing went down until about 10pm. It was due to “weather-related difficulties.”

Then, on the morning of the 1st at about 9:40am, the power went out. Actually it went out, came back, and went out again. And it stayed out until this morning at 6am. This was also due to “weather-related difficulties.” We had no heat. It was raining outside and the whole place felt damp. The laundry piled up (you know how it can get after a vacation). We cleaned our house by fluorescent lantern light. We didn’t vacuum. One part of me says it was a fun, unique experience. That’s true, but a larger, more vocal part of me says it sucked.

I am so glad the power is back. All my initial anger about the long loss of power went away entirely when I woke up and saw the glow of the ceiling light coming from the hallway, and realized I was too hot because the heat had come back on and I had optimistically turned it up a bit yesterday afternoon. I just pray the power stays on this time.

If PG&E wasn’t a monopoly, I’d be switching right now. But they are, so I guess they’ve still got my business. I know, “weather-related difficulties” is a really good excuse, but I want a company whose systems are more robust than “weather-related difficulties.” You could say I’m being unreasonable. You could also tell me when the last time was that you were without power for an entire day.

Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Power

  1. Large portions of the Twin Cities were without power for several days in September. Of course that was with tornados and high winds taking out a couple transmission towers and the local lines in a lot of places. I’d say a day without something drastic like that being the cause is pretty bad. I guess the good side is at least they’re not as bad as LAWP, right?

  2. Ahhhh. Power! So refreshing. I actually had fun doing laundry this morning because I was like, “HA! Washing machine and dryer… I’ve got you where I want you NOW! You can not escape me! Wash! Dry! Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!”

  3. who needs power when your blog changes colors constantly yet so subtly that i thought i was imagining it. well i guess i need power. so yay for power? ps. while trying to find the correct spelling for ‘sublty’ i came across http://www.westegg.com/simpsons/ which you might find enjoyable if you are extremely bored. happy new year

  4. Without a vacuum, I would say your experience *didn’t* suck.

    Ouch. Sorry ’bout that.

    Anyway, good to see you over the holidays.

  5. I’ve got a 5500 watt Coleman generator…but then I live in Minnesota and you live in California.



  6. That does kinda hurt the whole idea. Yeah.

    To be fair, we did experience some pretty serious flooding out here, so I’m sure that’s why PG&E was so slow to help. They had tons of outages and a lot of work to do in a 100-mile radius from here, so maybe a 21-hour outage isn’t so bad in the face of all that.

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