Sucky Commercials

OK, there were a lot of bad commercials tonight. But the worst is when a company with an already-lame commercial has the gall to play it twice. Just stop while you only have a little egg on your face. And more than one company did this!! Seriously, what marketer has their head up where? The only excuse I could give them is that they weren’t able to test their commercials back-to-back with the commercials of their competition. I could personally write something better and more effective than at least half of what was on the screen tonight.

On a more positive note, which of the superbowl ads were your favorites?

4 thoughts on “Sucky Commercials

  1. I would have to agree with Jeff about the Kermit the Frog commercial and wonder why Josh didn’t make a directed comment toward the commercial.

    As for the commercials I liked…The MacGuyver and the Prehistoric FedEx commercials were up there on my list, but the one I got more of a rise from was the Ameriquest commerical with the two doctors, one of which kills a fly with the refibrulator paddles and says, “that killed him” just as his family walks through the door. Good stuff!

    The bigger dissapointment was the half time show! I found a good episode of Crossing Jordan on that managed to take up all of half time.

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